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Welcome to Russian Women Discussion - the most informative site for all things related to serious long-term relationships and marriage to a partner from the Former Soviet Union countries!

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Welcome to Russian Women Discussion!

Welcome to Russian Women Discussion!

Russian Women Discussion (RWD) is the premier and most progressive resource for those interested in a romantic relationship with a partner from the Former Soviet Union. At Russian Women Discussion you will uncover the truth through highly relevant and factual discussions about International Relationships and about the risks/rewards which await the intrepid adventurer in his travels to former Iron Curtain countries.


Everything you need to know about how to create a successful long-term international relationship is here, including information about finding, courting, marrying, immigration and adjustment into your country, and life after marriage.


Russian Women Discussion is about international relationships with Russian Women. We commonly use the term "Russian Women" to mean women from any of the countries of the Former Soviet Union. The media sometimes refers to them as "Mail Order Brides." Here at Russian Women Discussion you can learn the real truths about meeting, marrying and building a happy family and a successful International Relationship.


But no matter what you call it, you can get the facts before leaving home and you'll also need to be prepared before your arrival in any of the FSU countries that you visit.


Browse our community and learn from many other men that have successfully married women from Russia, Ukraine, and other FSU countries.


Once you choose a country or countries to visit you have taken the first step in what could become the greatest adventure of your life. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and all of the other former countries of the Soviet Union hold many surprises and treasures for those who take the journey.


There  are many different ways to meet wonderful women in the FSU and at Russian Women Discussion you can ask questions and hear of the experiences of men that have extensively traveled the Former Soviet Union countries.

Scenes from Russia, Ukraine, and the countries of the Former Soviet Union

By learning from the experiences of others and asking your own important questions you will vastly improve your chances of success in marriage.


At RWD you will uncover the truth about International Relationships and understand the immense benefits as well as the risks that you may face.


Whether you’re totally new to this search, or you’re a man successfully married to a woman from the FSU you are more than welcome to participate in a community of people just like you.


Russian Women Discussion has helped countless people find the path to success and the lifetime love they have dreamed of.


There are so many questions that you will need to have answered and the topics and threads in Russian Women Discussion will provide you with the facts about everything you need to help you on your journey.


If you're smart and just a bit lucky it will take you to amazing places filled with warm and friendly people, sights, sounds, cuisine, and is sure to be the best journey of your life!


And of course, let's not forget about the most beautiful, wonderful, delightful and amazing treasure of all to be found there: Russian Women!

Some of the topics include:

Preparing Yourself
  • What are Russian Women really like?
  • Is dating a Russian woman the same as dating at home, and what are the differences?
  • Courting and Falling in Love with a woman from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or other FSU country.
  • Should you seek a wife in large cities like Moscow, St Petersburg and Kiev, or in smaller cities?
  • Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Belorussian, etc. women and children.
  • Living and Working in the Former Soviet Union.
  • Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Belorussian, etc. women and careers.
  • What age is appropriate for you?
  • Which Marriage Agencies can you trust?
  • When meeting a Russian woman, what do you need to know?
  • How will she be feeling and what will she think?
  • Do all women from these Former Soviet Union countries have good family values?
  • How can you identify a dating scam?
  • Divorce, Immigration, and Green Card Scams.
Sights of Russia, Ukraine and the Former Soviet Union
Going There
  • What's the best way to arrange your travel?
  • Travel Advice in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and other FSU countries.
  • Buses, Trains and Planes in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and other FSU countries.
  • Hotels and Apartments in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and other FSU countries.
  • Recommended Restaurants and Cultural Sites.

Preparing For Your Marriage
  • Are you ready for marriage to a Former Soviet Union Woman?
  • Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Belorussian, etc. women and marriage.
  • Help with Immigration issues, forms, filing, and status.
  • The visa process and things you need to know!
  • Preparing your home for your new wife.
After Your Marriage
  • How can you help your wife settle in when she arrives?
  • Having her educational titles validated/recognized.
  • Raising her/your child/children.
  • How will your local community react?
  • Meeting with others in your area who share your experience.


RWD also features a comprehensive repository of general FSU information: our own RWDpedia, which is gradually turning into a encyclopedia through the contributions of all our membership.


We are also fortunate that our membership includes a number of Russian women, both living there and here, who provide us with their invaluable perspective on how this venture is viewed from the "other" side.


Once you join our community you’ll be able to view photos, send personal messages to other members, ask your own questions and prepare yourself for a journey that might bring you the love and companionship of a beautiful woman from the FSU.

To benefit from the full experience of Russian Women Discussion you should join our community.

Look at it this way, it is free of charge and you’ll be rewarded back tenfold for the time you invest in learning about your upcoming adventure.


So let us again say Welcome to Russian Women Discussion! What's stopping you?

Come on in and join our community!


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