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Title: What presents should I buy her / her family when I arrive?
Post by: Bruce on June 20, 2006, 10:24:27 AM
This all depends how long you know your girl and her family.

To start with I do not recommend that a guy buys much of anything for a girl before they are exclusively dating. Sure he should pay for everything on a date and over the course of dating flowers as well as little shows of affection like stuffed animals, perfume as well as chocolate go a long way to set the seed in your girls mind that she is special to you. Do not think for a second that you can buy a girl from the FSU with presents. The only thing you'll end up buying is a lighter wallet and a hole in your heart if you think you can buy a girl from the FSU.

Now, if you are engaged I have some ideas for you:

1. Simple gifts mentioned above like high quality French or American perfumes, superior dark chocolate, odd numbered quality red roses, and quality coated soft stuffed animals.

2. Unusual food for her / family - To start with quality coffee. You can not go wrong with Starbucks Sumatra or even Dunkin Donuts coffee. Bring some whole vacuum packed beans. If she does not have an automatric drip coffee maker buy her one as well, but buy that in the FSU because they have quality coffee makers and it fits their electric. Decafeinated anything ie. teas (Earl Gray) - I recommend Stash brands from Oregon, or decaffeinated Starbucks. Her family may like the decaf idea. Decaf is hard if not impossible to get in the FSU right now. Planters dry roasted peanuts, 16 ounces in the glass jars. Your favorite BBQ sauce should be a hit if you arrive in the summer with her and her family. Peanut butter is usually a hit for her and her family. Halavah from the USA is always a big hit for her family.

3. Quality baby toys for her children will go a long way.

4. Anything with the American flag or significant to your home town the first trip to her and her family only.

5. Good scotch or American bourbon for her father if he is a drinker - usual in that part of the world.

6. Electronic items (for example digital cameras) are much cheaper here than there. Just pay attention to getting cameras with batteries so you do not have to use their electrical system / different system for anything.

* I do not recommend jewelry purchases be made in the FSU. Save those until you are married and in the USA. A simple engagement ring for about $100 will suffice until you are married or at least back home.

** I do not recommend clothing items because inevitably you will make an error in her or family members size.

7. The more you know your family the more you will know what they will really like. If they have a hobby, for sure a present dealing with this hobby will go a long way. This takes time and communication to understand.

Title: Re: What presents should I buy her / her family when I arrive?
Post by: catzenmouse on July 07, 2006, 09:35:44 AM
Another big hit with the family was Maple Syrup for us. Start2 was a big hit with Cheese in a Can, and Taco's (bring the Taco Kit and get the meat and veges there).

For guys those Leatherman Multi Tools or a good quality pocket knife (Old Timer or Buck) are quite popular. Native American Indian (for those of you in the US) arts and crafts are also pretty cool to bring.

Do NOT bring stuff made in China. They can get all of that they want there.

Like Bruce said, once you get to know them you can personalize your selections.


Title: Re: What presents should I buy her / her family when I arrive?
Post by: Vaughn on July 07, 2006, 09:55:31 AM
Of all things, our brother-in-law Dima asks us to bring
peanut butter, Peter Pan Extra Crunchy.

Besides Scotch and Bourbon Whiskey, good bottles of
Tequila are also well received.

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