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There has been something of an ongoing controversy about the differences between internet boards who have the common topic of international dating and relationships with women from the FSU.

As most of you know, RWD was established - by me, and me alone - after spending quite a lot of time in Ukraine from 1998 forward. I have also been a very active participant on a couple of boards, including Patrick's Planet Love board and the BRAMA Ukraine travel board. I preceeded Jack Bragg on P-L, as well as most others who eventually came to visit there. I never participated on - and almost never visited - any other RW board, primarily as no others existed when I started, and then I just didn't have time to split between multiple boards.

Some ignorant posters on other boards have referred to RWD as a "clone" and implied there is some unwritten or unstated agenda of RWD. Of course, those accusations are fueled by jealousy or ignorance or both.

Nonetheless, the fact that RWD has no commercial interest does, definitely and undisputably, have an effect on the readership and participation we draw to our board.

Taking a moment to describe the business nature of a board such as this, consider:

* Why would an introduction agency or travel agency or professional translation firm choose to spend their money on advertisements on an internet board?

* If you owned such an agency, what would motivate you to spend your money on such an advertisement?

* You would ONLY spend that money if you felt it would stimulate a revenue stream. A revenue stream will be generated only if that particular board attracts the type of participant/visitor who will pay for use of your services.

So how does the internet board attract a particular demographic that will appeal to their intended paying advertisers?

I suppose there are multiple answers to this question - but suffice to say, there are certain categories of participants/visitors who would be more attractive than others. For example, a guy who is married and settled in their new country is unlikely to make use of the services of an introduction agency or a translator. They are no longer a major consumer of the services being offered, hence, are a LESS attractive participant than the guy who has just initiated his interest and pursuit in seeking a life partner from the FSU.

So how do you suppose this translates into active participation on these boards?

Well, someone sent me a JPG image taken on 20Dec2005 which shows the online participants here at RWD and at another RW board at exactly the same time. The other board is commercial in nature, hence, appeals to a somewhat different demographic. I've attached the JPG for you to see the differences - and I am told this is a common scenario between these two boards.

What is *seems* to show is that the total number of online participants is approximately the same - 13 for RWD versus 12 for the other board - BUT - the distribution is quite different. Whereas RWD had only 2 guests of the 13 online, the other board had at least 7 guests of the 12 online - or more than half of their 'participants' were lurkers who were not active participants/members of the board.

This is not really surprising when you think about it. The other board has a business need to appeal to new guys who will be actively spending money in this process, hence, will naturally want to bring in 'new blood' so the advertisers can sell their wares and generate new revenues. Guests to their board being referred by search engines or other websites would be expected and highly-desirable by the advetisers, as they represent the most likely 'new blood' to fuel the industry with $$$$.

RWD has no such business need and seems to have appealed to the more mature and experienced participants. They are far less attractive to advertisers - though, arguably, vastly more valuable to the newbies engaged in this pursuit.

I bring this up principally to address this ongoing controversy - and also to illustrate the complementary nature of the various boards on the internet - rather than focus on their differences. While true those differences exist - they can prove useful to the newby who needs to gather information and advice untainted by commercial interests - while also seeking assistance for their pursuit by evaluating various service providers.

What do you all think about this?? Am I on target, or missing something? Please restrict your commentary to positive comments - no accusations or criticisms of other boards please.

- Dan

This sounds like a somewhat symbiotic relationship. Go to the other boards for goods and services then come here to find out to do with the goods and services. If I was just getting into this and spent time reading both types of boards I would tend to lean towards using the services recommended here rather than elsewhere just for the fact that they are not commercially motivated for the most part. I say most part as there are service providers here and their posts in some instances are to promote their services.

Ken (not a service provider):D


all I can think of is: "if it works don't fix it!"



--- Quote from: BC ---Dan,

all I can think of is: "if it works don't fix it!"


--- End quote ---


 I can see that you don't work for the government do you? :D



You are absolutely correct.. but the US government does indirectly pay my salary!



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