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Important New Law May Affect RWD Members

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So ... what if you met your lady BEFORE March 6, 2006, but apply for a visa after?

What do you think of agencies and agency employees having this info? What if you want to meet 6 ladies - who gives them the info? How do you know that the info you provided is what is being spread around?



US law ... doesn't apply for Canada ...

For Dan, whom I have seen as a intelligent and active member.  I'm not up on leagal woes, but after visiting my regular site, ( where I pay for adressess and write to women, I was shocked to see that this law and partially shut them down (or forced them to restructure their business with american clients..  And even some agencies associated with/under them are adding notes of "For Sale". 

Was this law trying to shut down the immigrating/dating sites???  However subversely??

It effects me now, cause I can no longer pay for a receive a womans adress directly through this site.  At least for the moment they are adding notes to use all remaining credits and complete address requests before March 4th.  ETc..

I don 't see the law affecting the bulletin board, as much as the direct communication via the agencies.. 

Has anyone posted or commented to this side of it?

Any opinions, from anyone?  

Thanks,  Noyrt..


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