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Keywords - how do you search for dating website with FSU brides?

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Dear Gentleman! I would like to ask you to help me to understand what do Western and European and Australian men are looking for in Google or Yahoo or others search engines. Please tell me what keywords and search systems do you use for look for FSU brides!
I am interested in 2-3-4 words combination.
- Russian women
- Beautiful Russian Women
- Ukrainian women
- mail order brides
- mail order bride
- hot russian brides
- Russian brides.
- Ukrainian dating
- Online dating Ukraine
Please let me know some of your keywords for your opinion are the best?

I would have to give you high marks for persistence.

The problem with your question is there will be a difference in what serious men look for when searching for a site versus the kind of customer you appear to be targeting in your previous posts.

To make yourself show higher on search lists, then something like "FSU women dating relationships" would be my choice. However, I would never continue into your site since it appears to be full of hookers and escorts pretending to be women seeking long-term relationships.

For search parameters specifying the acceptable countries, cities, languages spoken/proficiency, age ranges, height and weight ranges are the norm after finding the site. Many databases let you enter interests such as ballet, music, dancing and such as well.

Dare we hope that you will actually bring some credible women to the search that are looking for long-term relationships, families and love?

 How about Russian women sex or Russian woman escorts. I think that might get the kind of guys you want.

Words say alot and so do names. If your plan is to find serious men you need to make changes.
First your name. Doctorlove sounds like a name from a 60s beach movie. Same goes for Lovelab.

The names your girls use sound like stripper(hooker) names. Honeyflower, Sunshine, IceIceBaby,Butterfly etc etc.

In your search engine you have a catageory for Sugardaddy/Sugarbaby.

The intro to your site is of a blonde girl holding her hands over her naked tits. I think she has nice tits but it screams escort agency.

Then we have Alla the wonder interpreter with unique services. She is good though since she did some interpreting for Haddaway. Whoever the hell that is and who really cares. I think she was there more for her looks than interpreting skills.

My favorite though is your percentage theory. 90% parallel 5% like and 5% dont like. WTF? You post it here like its some kind of law of nature or something. Where the hell did you come up with that crap?

Now I dont really have a problem with your website if you admit what it really is. I do have a problem though when a guy in his twenties who can barely shave shows up here with a website that looks like an escort agency and trys to pawn it off as a marriage agency.

The majority of the men here who post have been around the block a few times. Your not going to BS them into thinking your site is legit with your bells and whistles website complete with titty girl for an intro.

The problem is you dont realize how obvious it is to us, you really have no clue. Another thing you dont realize is how annoying you really are. You come off as nothing more than some two-bit cyber pimp.

Don't sugarcoat it, facetrock.

Tell us what you really think.

Thank you very much for your advices! we provide dating service!  We have normal women looking for relationship and we are looking for normal men! We do not sell sex. We sell translation services,  online services (video call), dates.
We have no way to check what is in peoples mind? If some man want to buy sex - we dont sell it. But if some men order a date and they get closer - it is not our business and we do not charge for that.
If you found a woman on our site who is prostitute or scammer and you can prove it - please inform us and we will remove her profile immediately. If we get claims from women about men we can stop help this men even if he is paying to us.


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