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Keywords - how do you search for dating website with FSU brides?

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A long-tested and highly successful marketing strategy is sending FREE samples of merchandise to potential customers ;).

Just remember to pierce a few breathing holes in the packages wrapping your hotkovas, and we'll gladly accept airmail delivery and test them ;D.

Now that was funny Sandro. :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL:

  Doc. I have looked over your Lovelab website and my advice for you it to start over.

   Here are a few things that stick out as childish and immature.

 First the names your girls use. Get rid of the hooker names. Whats wrong with using Natalia, Irina, Elena etc. etc.
That goes for your name too. Your not a DOCTOR and I dont think you know sh1t about LOVE.

MSSR. Mens School of Sexual Relations. Your kidding right?  Do you have seminars with volunteers from the audience?

Sex LoveParty. Again the name says it all but I did watch the video. Sorry but your video sucks. The moaning orgasmic girl at the end of the video has to be the dumbest thing I ever heard. Get rid of it. In fact get rid of the whole video. Better yet get rid of all your videos. They look like a highschool media project. In other words, they all suck.

 Real Estate??? Get you real estate business off the dating site for Christs sake!!!!

Thats all I have. Couldnt stand looking at your site anymore.

Dr Love, if you truly wish to find the correct business model you must start with looking at the target audience. For all the services you wish to offer there is a market, but to combine them is not the best way.

As you might know, there is a market for sex tourism. Many guys are happy to have a break and would like to be introduced to women to have fun with, without any strings attached. Nothing wrong with that if both sides agree.

Also there is the market for marriage. Men who are looking for a (foreign) wife, and are seriously considering finding a life partner, not someone for just fun. This is the market where RWD is aimed at, and most people here aim at as well.

To combine these two is... explosive. Men who are seeking a wife will regard women who are just out to have fun as being out to get their cash (pro-daters, scammers) and regard those who offer services in this area as pimps (pardon the word).
There for to combine offering a 'good time' and 'marriage' will cause you more trouble as benefits.


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