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This is a rarity for RWD. In fact, I cannot think of another occasion in which we have publicly issued a Ban on Sight announcement.

As part of this announcement, I need to also offer a formal apology to ScottinCrimea, whom I had chastised for bringing this information to the light of day. It was an error in judgment on my part, and I regret being so hard on Scott at the time.

The message formalizes RWD's Ban on Sight of one member who has registered all the following accounts:

GoingToRussia (;u=5136)
Enot (;u=3221)
Enot2 (;u=5989)
Vegas (;u=6349)
GTM (GoingToMoldova - now deleted)
And his latest, GTR_RMP (;u=6583)

Any of you who visit Russian Meeting Place will recognize the User "GoingToRussia" as one of their Moderators. I have great respect for Khashyar (owner of RMP) and I like Leprechaun (Administrator), and this action is not intended as an indictment of their site.

The reasons for the ban can be largely found in the following topics:

In this topic (which was split off another topic) Scott was seeking to clarify inconsistent information being given by Enot/GoingToRussia - and was met with denials as to the obvious connection between Enot and GTR. In fact, Scott was entirely correct and there is indisputable evidence that RWD member Enot is, in fact, RMP member GoingToRussia. There is further indisputable evidence of Enot/GoingToRussia's lies and deceptions throughout his history at RWD.

At the bottom of page 4 of this topic, you can find "GTM" (one of several Enot/GoingToRussia incarnations), responding in-thread to "thank" another Enot/GoingToRussia incarnation, Enot2 - and the ensuing exchange, including defiant admission of the intentional deception.

In this most recent topic there is indisputable evidence of his duplicitous behaviors found at this topic --

Sadly, as a direct consequence of Steve's duplicity and shenanigans, the good will that had been developed over many months/years between Russian Meeting Place and RWD is at this point broken.

Recognizing that Enot/GoingToRussia is a long-term member of RMP (as well as RWD), and further recognizing that Enot/GoingToRussia has managed to attract some inexperienced people into his 'orbit' - this message is to encourage anyone who may be considering 'advice' from Enot/GoingToRussia to exercise extreme caution with acceptance of his 'advice.' There are numerous accounts in which his comments and perspectives have been shown to be at least fallacious if not dangerous, with one such instance documented here --

Enot/GoingToRussia is permanently banned from RWD and any future 'incarnations' will similarly be banned. Sadly, one other RWD member influenced by Enot/GoingToRussia, BrianW, is also included in this ban.

Feel free to send me a PM with any questions.

- Dan

I have a funny feeling that we haven't heard/seen the last of "Sybil". :rolleyes2:


My attention was recently directed to the ongoing activities of GoingTrRussia / Enot who now makes his home at RMP. While in the past I have been loath to address other site's administration, it is difficult to ignore when they make such ludicrous and false allegations after taking actions against certain members who also happen to be active here.

It seems that GoingToRussia both instigated, and then enlisted the support of other like-minded (that is to say - addled) RMP Moderators including Buckeye5704 and others, to BAN their members 'Clark' and 'Kathy.' While those may be new monikers to most of our members, they are the same as RWD's 'Faux Pas' and 'Boethius,' respectively.

Among the lunacy recently written there are these jewels:

From Buckeye5704, the following:

--- Quote ---* Mods ALL Mods should be held to a higher standard and in that regard Kathy failed horribly.

* As I have said earlier in this thread, a Mod should know better than that and I agreed completely that ALL Mods (even visitors from other Forums) should indeed hold themselves to a higher standard.

* I would NEVER go to another forum and openly criticize the Mods there and preach about how we do it at our place.

* Someone posted today that Mods should be held to a higher standard. Quite right.  That should also hold true for Mods from other Forums.  As a Mod Kathy knew the rules of etiquette and ignored them.  As a Mod she should exercise a little tact and diplomacy to better make her point and when people disagree with her, simply accept it and move on. Because Mods (ALL Mods) should be held to a higher standard.
--- End quote ---

So it seems that Kathy should adhere to a "higher standard" but the duplicitous behavior of their own GoingToRussia is quite OK. Moreover, at one point the Admin/Mods at RMP were provided unambiguous and compelling evidence of GoingToRussia's multiple identities - a FACT they have chosen to conveniently ignore.

And I *REALLY* like this set of quotes - from GoingToRussia this time:

--- Quote ---* This isn't the only reason she was banned.

* She was not banned because of her "stupidity remark.  There were other reasons, some you know about (or can know about if you read the thread again) and some reasons you don't know about.

* There are other reasons for getting banned, not just for attacking other members.

* The point is she was not only banned for what she said and her remarks in this forum.  There are other reasons which members do not need to know about.  I am not about to air anyone's "dirty laundry" in this forum for the sake of justifying a ban which was made by 4 moderators in a unanimous decision.

* That's right, why would we discuss things that were said in private between mods and members and share it with the forum????  It's not the proper thing to do and it has been a rule here forever.

* Sorry but I won't do that ... maybe another mod will.  As I said, I'm not telling the forum what was said in private.
--- End quote ---

By way of background, it was GoingToRussia who initiated a thread asking for input as to banning actions. When it became apparent that he was going to receive comments from other than his 'fan=boys,' he started crawfishing - badly. It was so bad that the best he could come up with is that he was privy to certain information that he refused to disclose - EVEN THOUGH *HE* WAS THE ONE TO INITIATE THE TOPIC?!?

Since there are a few folks here at RWD who have first-hand information of the lies, distortions and deceptions being conducted at RMP, I decided to re-engage this topic as it seems clear that Enot / GoingToRussia just cannot cease his obsessive behaviors, and when called out by those who recognize it, resorts to petty antics as a way of trying to seek retribution on those who post actively here.

It is truly a shame for RMP to have declined so badly. I have written often of my regard for Khashyar, though even that is now shaken with seeing him, like the minions there, circle the wagons in defense of known trouble-makers.


- Dan

I was banned from one of the sites after only browsing messages for 10 minutes.  Never had a login & never posted a single message.   Not sure how he/she got my IP address.  I think maybe the idiot probably blocked the whole Verizon Fios subnet by mistake.


--- Quote from: JohnDearGreen on June 06, 2011, 05:41:46 PM ---I was banned from one of the sites after only browsing messages for 10 minutes.  Never had a login & never posted a single message.   Not sure how he/she got my IP address.  I think maybe the idiot probably blocked the whole Verizon Fios subnet by mistake.

--- End quote ---

Now THAT is a sure-fired way to build membership  :ROFL: .

- Dan


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