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Tribute to Jack Bragg - R.I.P.

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Jack Bragg passed away on July 19, 2013 after a protracted battle with cancer. Jack was among the very first members of RWD having joined this site immediately after formation. Many of you recall Jack for his impassioned and doggedly persistent position on many issues, some quite controversial. I welcome you to remember Jack in this Tribute thread that will eventually be moved to a more suitable forum and 'stickied.' It should not need to be stated, but knowing that there are those who hold grudges even after one's passing, I will make it abundantly clear that I will not tolerate ANY disparagement in this topic. I do not mean to sugarcoat anything, but the time has passed to 'air your beef' with Jack.

I'll open with the story of how I first came to know Jack. It was on a forum over at our sister site, Planet-Love when they still hosted an 'Eastern European' forum. Jack shared the story of one of his trips to Crimea and his visits to the caves where the rebels hid out during the Crimean War. His knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian history was remarkable and his passion and love for the people of the region was constantly on display. While on the surface Jack's business focused on the women of the FSU, he has more than his share of men in Ukraine and Russia who have worked with Jack and think very highly of him. He truly did love the people of the region.

Some short time later I met Jack in Dallas for the first time. I was on a business trip and we met for lunch at the hotel I was staying. He came armed with several very VERY large photo albums of his trips to Russia and Ukraine. He was an accomplished photographer and not only of the controversial street photos he often proudly displayed here at RWD. In fact, the magnificent photo of Moscow that adorns our Home Page was one that Jack took.

Jack was my friend. He was not always an easy friend to have, but I never for a moment doubted him and his loyalty. I will miss him greatly.

- Dan

RIP  :(

I never met Jack but had many conversations with him when I was in need of advice,,back in the day when i needed advice. He was honest and forthright. His heart was in the right place. May he rest in peace.

I am very sad.
I invited him few months ago to come to my marriage party. This party happened the 19th july exactly.
Of course it was not possible for him to answer positively.

He was a guy very passionate by FSU.

Sorry to hear this news.
After the debacle of my last trip to Ukraine ,i intended to go on one of Jacks tours next time i went there.I'm sure i would have learnt a lot about Ukraine and the women from him,might even have hit it off with a girl at one of his socials.


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