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Tribute to Jack Bragg - R.I.P.

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I also knew and met Jack.

I never did any business with him regarding his tours, etc.

But we just happened to be in same place at same time.

He and I were nothing alike in virtually any aspect; yet we were able to be civil and enjoy our talk and our later exchange of emails.

For sure, he helped many, many guys, and . . . were there a battle or war, I would want him in my trench.


--- Quote from: Admin on March 17, 2019, 01:55:02 AM ---
.....led me to this site. A site I own. A site I haven't posted onto for some years ...
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What a pleasant surprise!!!!

Welcome back to your baby, Dan.  We missed you immensely.  A few ol' hands, a couple in particular, have kept the site going, yet it was never the same after you left.

Several times we shared, in the private forum, fondly respectful thoughts about you, and none of us had a clue. 

I wonder what prompts you to reappear after a 5 year absence, especially via a note to your buddy Jack.  And then I read this and become deeply concerned.

--- Quote ---I will see you soon my friend ....
--- End quote ---

Hopefully, this is just a general statement of fondness and remembrance, and nothing medical.  Hopefully, my thoughts are wrong when I read this. 

--- Quote ---Even tonight, he reached from the depths of his grave to grab my leg and cramp it to the point of agony and then  and he makes me think .... about Jack.

--- End quote ---

If my memory has not failed me, and it does frequently, I recall Jack suffered from DVT, a rare condition.  Dan, please say it ain't so.  And if so, please say you are taking care. 


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