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Tribute to Jack Bragg - R.I.P.

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So sad to hear this.  It was always interesting to read Jack's opinions (not least when he was bickering with Eduard  :P ) and, as Dan says, he was an excellent photographer.  He was the sort of person that most discussion groups would give their right arm to have as a member, simply because of the depth of his knowledge of his specialist subject.  Of course I didn't agree with everything that he wrote - I doubt that anyone did.  On balance, however, I think the world will be a poorer place for his passing.
R.I.P.  :thumbsdown:

I will post a little more later but was very sad to hear about Jack.  I always felt Jack was the kind of guy people liked a lot or disliked a lot because he did have a strong personality and had no hesitation is saying what he felt and fighting for what he believed.  He was the kind of person that would help anyone in need even if there was nothing to gain.  When someone was in the FSU and posted they were in trouble, you could always refer them to Jack and he would come to the rescue.  Jack was only 59 but I do think he lived more in those short years than most who live to an old age.  I will miss Jack and I am sure there are many who feel the same. 

Don't know about Jack from from the message boards but I did run into him several times in airports and restaurants in Ukraine by accident when I lived there.  He was one of the few foreign men I met in Ukraine that could blend in with the locals and really cared about his business.  You see a lot of foreign men worried about what they make and could care less about being a good person in the community.

I will definitely miss those great photo posts of his....R.I.P. Jack

May you rest in peace, Jack! Condolences to all the beloved....

It was nary 5 months ago when I last heard from Jack. I haven't seen him post for a while and all of the sudden I received a PM from him. Jack and I have had a lot of fun on the board, and even his first and only PM to me started by saying how much he likes disagreeing with me on most everything...LOL

Little did I know, he apparently was following a particular, fairly controversial thread. So he took the time to stop by to say 'hello', reiterated how much he likes disagreeing with me - BUT - on that particular thread, he said he's happy letting me know he agrees with everything I was saying.

I'm glad there was an occasion that afforded us an opportunity to see eye-to-eye and exchanged a chuckle and pleasantries.



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