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Personal Attacks


There will be a major crack down on the personal attacks which are unrelated to RWD discussion topics, specifically, cracks about personal appearance. Those types of comments are directly at odds with those tenets upon which the RWD Vision stands.

More specifically - fat, short, bald, tall, old, stinky (yeah, we can smell you from here.. goood grief), brown, white, nationality, etc .. 

Anyone can make their points without resorting to such.  If you can't, then do not return to RWD. My patience with self moderation has come to an end.  The mods, and specifically myself, will pursue an actively aggressive approach toward mitigating the toxicity which has permeated and propagated throughout RWD as of late.  Keep it clean or keep it out.

There appear to be a few cliques, sides, whatever.  This applies to everyone equally. If anyone feels the need to make a personal jab at another member, I suggest thinking twice about acting upon that feeling and choose another path to emphasize your point.  It will no longer be tolerated... at all.


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