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Teaching English in Russia


I have some experience of seeing English taught in Russia to children of all ages and adults in, Sochi

1/ As I watch my partner's experience - learning

2/ I have a good friend who is head of English at a school ( in Sochi)  and in conjunction with the School runs  private lessons for Children and Adults - I've been a guest speaker for classes of age groups

3/ I have a friend who teaches English in Moscow - he is Canadian

As my 'knowledge' of the subject was queried - and rather than pollute someone's intro thread with 'validations' - I started a new thread

In my opinion - esp in Moscow - I've seen it is possible to earn a crust - if you are dedicated and smart ... I'm not too sure, if you could survive on such work in a regional city.

I've been asked to teach in Sochi, ( by two competing schools ) but I don't have the time to spare and it's just not worth the hassle ( cost ) of changing my Visa status. Plus, I've only ever taught folks how to sail - never any academic subjects - other than weather and a Russian 10 yr old kid knows more about the actual theory of my own language's grammar than I do ;))



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