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there’s a huge amount of cancer deaths in Crimea.
HUGE. whatever number the government quotes is a lie
village after village there are no old people
you ask, hey, “where’s grandma and grandpa”
they all say the same thing
they’re all dead

crimea has only one radiation treatment machine that can operate only when it has working parts.
everyone in crimea who is scheduled for radiation treatment has to use this intermittently functioning machine and it can’t be too overworked or it’ll break

this however creates a logistical nightmare in a country where not everyone is rich enough to have a car or can afford long and costly taxi rides for treatment

so the government makes what I call a “Cancer Barracks”, a big warehouse with rows of beds filled with dying patients, located next to the radiation machine. families come, drop off their loved ones and they stay there until they die....
I'm not 100% sure the radiation therapy machine actually works at all...

photos will be coming
prepare yourselves

also watch young Crimeans train to become soldiers in special brigades that will be the spearpoint in the coming war with Ukraine, my nephew is one of them, and we’ll go in the inside and have a look

or not...


The good news is that health care there is free.

I wouldn't drink the water. I suspect something is in the water.

no shit there's something in the water, when I lived there more than 10 yr ago, Sevastopol tap water had a radiation count of 14 times background
my first reading I thought it was coming from the glass and not the water
water filters are a must everywhere in Ukraine
but radiation poisoning isn't just from tap water
produce is grown in fields irrigated with radioactive water
which accumulates in soil yr after yr
you will get cancer from eating radioactive fruits and vegetables

yeah everybody knows about Chernobil
but we have the attitude that this was in the past
it's not
because of the "accumulation" effect, it's actually getting worse and worse each year
and the effects are too much for Crimea to handle
hence cancer barracks
holy shit

Can you produce some empirical evidence for your assumptions and statements?

OK any evidence?

Sorry the Chernobyl claim is v e r y thin.

It's the nuclear missiles hidden in those underground silos in Crimea that are doing it. Some must be leaking radiation. That's the real reason why Putin took Crimea when his puppet got ousted ya know.... didn't want to lose control of them.  ;)


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