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To GQBLUES & MSMOBY (in alphabetical order)
Your endless personal quarrels on several threads have really become tiresome to the RWD membership :(.

Despite your previous warnings/bans, you two insist on carrying on this questionable behavior like a pair of quarreling fishwives.

Keep it on and you will be muted, to begin with. Sterner measures to follow if warranted.

The yellow-eyed, grey FAT CAT has spoken. 

It is easy for bystanders to take sides in this feud, yet taking sides  does no good in restoring decorum. 


--- Quote from: Gator on January 27, 2020, 09:50:40 PM ---restoring decorum.

--- End quote ---

Most of us are civil most of the time. One person is not civil all the time. Great educational video below. Most of the kids belong together but one of the kids is doing their own thing. Guess which kid is not like the others in the video. Then guess which kid is not like the others here.

My first EVER warning re responding to GQB was last night, your honour !

Might I suggest he removes his untruthful quote in his strap line and I'm removing my retort .. in a gesture to wind down the spat

Now Iíll have time to order fathertime his present...


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