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Resulting from concerns expressed from several members as to the absence of our indefatigable member SANDRO43. SANDRO43 was Franco Sandro Flioriani in real life. He lived a full and rewarding life. A life most of us would aspire to. He held a long-term career position with one of the world's most prestigious companies. The distinguished and lengthy family history which was his birthright was something he was rightly proud, and he extended that distinguished service far far into his waining years.

This website, and me personally, were blessed to know and work closely with Sandro. He was not an easy man to please. He had morals. He had convictions and values. There was no saying one thing and then doing something different. Once an agreement had been hard earned as to why a path was to be taken, there would be no meandering. Sandro was a quality person in every way both professionally and personally.

Sandro's wit was sharp, his memory is legendary..... who can forget his Double Dealers...? His sense of humor was disarming and his overall demeanor could not be more pleasant which is not to overlook his sharp snap at those, including yours truly who occasionally failed to live up to Sandro's considerable Standard of excellence. All of us at RWD are better for that and would not change it no matter how it put us on the spot at the time.

A small portion of our membership actually have occasion and inspiration to meet one another in real life. Sandro engendered that inspiration and my time with him was a warm and engaging as any person I have ever met. More significantly, he made my wife (at the time) and daughter feel like they were the most important people on earth. My daughter will be heartbroken of learning of Sandro's passing.

Whatever this online community at RWD is, or was, or will become .... Sandro Floriani had more to do with its construction, much more, than anyone can possibly imagine. Mostly quiet and behind the scenes Sandro would mold and guide and push and cajole .... and .... it would get to where he wanted it to be. And the site was better for it. His visions remained true to the ideals and values established years ago, and he persisted with those ..... even, to my shame, as I abandoned the site for such a long time. It was Sandro who held this site together.

Damn! I miss him. Even knowing he was pissed at me for abandoning my post for so long. I'd gladly take his stern admonitions. As blunt as he could be, I never once questioned his heart or his motives. Sandro was as straight and honest as they come. A rare one indeed. Anyone wishing to learn more about the man and his loves should visit his personal website at

May he rest in eternal peace!

Comes as quite a shock.
Sandro was a very singular person.
Was it the Corona virus ?


I never met you, and I know I have frustrated you and you've always been a gent.

You loved this board and were frustrated by it's neglect.. 

Thank you.


Sorry to hear Sandro passed away. May he rest in peace.

It's nice to see you back Dan. I hope you're doing well. Don't know if you'll hang around but I just want to say nobody ran this place better than you.


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