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I receive emails from the Russian department at my alma mater, and they recently sent the following email out to everyone. I thought I'd post it here in case any members have friends or spouses that could contribute to this research survey. I clicked on the link and it is still current. The email reads:

An undergraduate Russian major in the Department of Slavic & Eurasian Studies at Duke University is writing an honors thesis on national and minority language policy in the region. A significant part of his project involves a survey of individuals originally from the former Soviet Union who speak Latvian, Ukrainian, or Russian as their first language. The survey focuses on attitudes and experience with national and minority language policy. The survey can be found at:

If any of you can help out, great. If not, no worries. Happy holidays.

The formatting of that first post is awful, but I don't know how to correct it. Sorry about that.


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