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Experiences with American women -- a question from jen

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Hi everyone,

OK, here goes. I am very aware of the fact that you guys have been discussing just about everything there is to discuss about international dating for quite a while now -- which is why I am reading the boards and will continue to make my way through them. However, I also want you to have the chance to respond specifically to me: to let me know what you think I need to hear as a researcher. So, let me start with a specific question and we'll see where that goes.

There was a discussion in one of Ada's threads about why you are attracted to Russian/FSU women, specifically. I would like to look at the flip side of this question and ask:

--was a dissatisfaction with American women (or women in your home country, if you are not based in US) the key thing that motivated you to begin searching abroad?

--if so, how would you describe that dissatisfaction?  (From conversations with individuals as well as reading boards like this one, I have seen a number of common responses:  unattractiveness, lack of family orientation, self-centeredness, etc.) What is the central problem as you see it?

--why do you think these problems exist?  Do you think that feminism is responsible for these problems, as I have often seen discussed, or something else?  If so, what do you think "feminism" means or includes?

I'm looking forward to hearing your views, regardless of whether you are still searching or already married. Also, to the women who are on this board, feel free to post your observations based on your experiences with men either on this board or whom you have met in person.  Thanks.


Here goes.

The dissatisfaction with American women was not my primary motivation for looking in the FSU for a partner. My primary motivation was my physical attraction to the women of these regions. I love the high set cheekbones and strait noses. And of course, I like the overall physical fitness and proportionate body weights of these women.

Even though, according to your questions, I should go no further in answering your questions because dissatisfaction with American women was NOT my primary motivation, I will offer you a few of my dissatisfactions with American women.

Dissatisfactions with American women.

1) I live in a region where there are somewhat limited numbers of available, single women. There is also a fairly large segment of female homosexuals in my region.

2) I tired of women who took psychological medications, i.e., Prozac, Paxxil, etc. It's as if these drugs create, in some cases, emotional zombies. People where there isn't a normal type of human feeling in relating to them. While I recognize that there are people who really need these drugs to function, I equally recognize that there are many with poor psychological health habits and generally weak psyches that develop an unnecessary dependence on these drugs.

3) I tired of women who were trying to mimic men as a show of their strength or level of "liberation". The mimicking has taken the forms of both behavior AND dress, in many respects.

Why do these problems exist?

1) A wayward course within the feminist movement that went beyond knocking down barriers to equality, and took the movement in an androgynous direction. The growing presence and influence of female homosexuals in the movement was and is a strong contributing factor to this course.

2) Too much focus on the self. A generation or two of dyed in the wool narcissists. This has contributed to the creation of women who are NOT family oriented and focus more on themselves. To me this is tragic and runs contrary to the nurturing nature of the female psyche and all the wonder and beauty that this psyche brings to our existence.

If I think of other points, I will add later.


I   think that the clue is  that American women they try to compete with men ,  they fight with them , they try to show who is stronger in this or that way which is wrong, women should remain women, that is my personal point of view, of course they have rights and of course they have their own opinion , but it should not affect their family life and their responsibilities towards husband and kids.

The thing is American women no longer want to be mothers and so to say behind their hubbies ,they want to be independent, business like, possesing some sort of power, they want more people to depend on them  and at the same time they want entertainment and they want to get as much happy- go -lucky- shopping- make up glamorous- life that they do not have time to think about their real purpose and their real aim in the first place!
They refuse their  nature and are becoming like men , slowly but straight!

I met only one American woman in person , I mean the one with whom I did talk pretty good and got to know her interests and thoughts, she was absolutely amazing and Feminism was not her priority as for the author of the topic and other most American women

I think there are such women everywhere who are lost , they do not know what they want,  they lost their instincts about giving birth to kids and taking care of the family , all they want is to be like Jennifer Lopez with her plastic  booty and like  Fergie with her pretty empty head

I do not think it is necessarily American women , it is mostly the phenomenon of western women themselves, also one very strong factor is that they live quite stable, wealthy life , they are spoiled with money , they do not know how to earn money without helping hand and without rich parents helping ,they are out of real world as the matter of fact. I can only feel sympathy for such women and wish that they could open their eyes towards harmony and real sense of what is going on in the World!


--- Quote from: jen on July 10, 2007, 07:08:03 AM -----was a dissatisfaction with American women (or women in your home country, if you are not based in US) the key thing that motivated you to begin searching abroad?

--- End quote ---
I had no disssaisfaction with American women at all.  My mother is a great woman.  So is my sister.

So, no.   A dissatisfaction with American women was not  the key thing that motivated me to marry a woman from another country.  Her culture was an attraction, however.

Diversity is good.

I would also like to add that Russian women are not far from being like western ones, this horrible thing is reaching them as well , so they might become like the women from the whole europe , who claim they want some rights  in order to contribute something to this world, though they do nothing but proving their theories that women are much more better than men .... its silly


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