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--- Quote from: Todd on July 28, 2007, 01:49:31 PM ---Hi All,

I've been traveling quite a bit internationally over the past couple of months.  Did you know that this site is blocked in Saudi Arabia?

Anyway, I think that my experience has been very different than many other people here.  My family was very accepting.  In fact, more than one relative has taken me aside and half in jest said "don't screw this one up." 

Friends have also been very happy for me.  One of my female friends just married a Russian man, and there hasn't been much distinction in their minds.  In fact, many of my friends have married people from overseas and/or races. 

Finally, people from work have also really liked Kate.  Our firm tends to be very accepting of different marriages as our head office is in San Francisco, and there are many same sex relationships.

Thus, I have not lost a single relationship as a result of marrying Kate.  I attribute this fact to the simple reason that we truly, deeply love each other...and that I married a truly incredible woman.

--- End quote ---


   I am glad to hear you and "kate," are doing well, and everything is great for you both. So I am curious, do you two miss Boston?

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone. I can imagine how complicated it must (sometimes) be to integrate your spouse into your local life, particularly if/when those who are close to have little cross-cultural experience.  But there has been a theme in these discussions that real friends are able to see beyond the stereotype to the actual person and to be happy for you if you are happy...

Anyway, please share more stories if you wish.


Excellent advice from all.


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