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Documentaries relating to these subjects are hard to come by, and I'm interested in any help I can get to find anything new...  and also want to share what I've found with others who are interested.  I looked a bit, and it seemed this was the best forum chapter to post this in...

 I'm aware of the romance tour documentary on YouTube (see the link below) but they have only the first two parts of the documentary... Does anyone have an idea where to find it, I (along with several other people) have been trying to find the rest of it, and the poster who is selling it on Youtube doesn't seem to use his account anymore... maybe someone here has the link to the rest of it, or know where I can get a video or DVD of it...?  (Here's the link to the beginning of it on Youtube):

  Also, after spending $120 for the (now no longer available) ABC Video transcript of their story "Sex Slaves", I'd like to offer it to anyone interested for $45 or so.  It's about and hour long and goes undercover as a man tries to find his wife (who had been mislead and kidnapped and sold into slavery) and the cruel and heartless people who run these organizations.  Also shows some hidden video of girls actually being smuggled, you watch as they are growing concerned and how they are mislead and lied to by a woman who then sells them to a man while the girls have no idea what is going on.   Pretty graphic, this is a a very thorough and well done documentary done mostly in Eastern Europe, and will definitely get your adrenelin going; I had no idea how sick and heartless humans could be one to another.

  Anyone else having info, something for sale, or a link on any other documentaries even vaguely relating to Eastern Europe, women, marraige, or things along these lines, please let me know, I would be very interested, as I am sure others would be too.  If I posted this in the wrong forum, please let me know this too, and I'd surely move it right away.

Thanks!   :)

Hi -- I should have a few things for you -- will get back to you soon.


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