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Hey Everyone,

Now that the NHB section of the board has been active for a while, we are beginning to see the board settle down a bit.

I need to gather your feedback on the direction of the board so that the community here has a voice in how the board is managed.

Please elaborate on your vote by adding whatever qualitative feedback you care to share - HOWEVER, I will not tolerate the destruction of this topic into a flamefest, so be sure you are addressing ONLY the future management of the board and leave all gripes about past injustices out of your responses.


- Dan

I think you're doing a great job, Dan.  Keep going the way you are.  Just remember that this is YOUR sandbox and you have the right to throw anyone out for any reason you see fit without explanation or justification to anyone.


tim 360:
Very light moderation is best for comprehensive communication.  I like the way you are handling things Dan,  by keeping moderation light.  There are a number of useless posts which perhaps could be transfered to a "dogpile" category.

Active light moderation  in most sections to include selective editing and/or deletion of individual messages, pruning of topics, and suspension and/or banning of members - BUT - I want only a single senior moderator to set the rules for moderation but will allow other sub moderators(on a short leash).


It seems to me that you have three distinct groups of people that 85 % of the people who post here fall into.    It also seems to me that two of the groups really want to take control of the board to some extent and are driving get rid of the others.   I am sure a lot of people will disagree but think about it a little more and I think there is at least something to what I am saying.

Group 1,  Russian Gals.   I really like having the insight from that sector, if it is done with good intentions.   You do have some gals like Elen who sometimes has some good posts but often goes on and on about things that are not relevent or ideas that are way out in left field.  It seems to me that a lot of the gals are trying to make this site a branch of anti-date and to drive away anyone who won't put up with the hairbrainded part of their ideas and their endless prattle.  Some of the gals posts are great.   I could name more in the not so good side but M&M would be a good example of a Russian gal with good helpful posts.

Group 2.  The good guys.   There are a lot of guys who come here with the idea of learning and sharing the knowlege and ideas and experience they have.   They want to help make the lives of those who seek a Russian bride better and to make them more aware of pitfalls and perils and to help them find the results they seek.   I could name tons of people in this catagory.  Photoguy, Son of Clyde, Goombah, Tigerpaws, Bruno, and I will even put Anono in this although at one time I may have not.  

Group 3.  Call them what you want, misfits, rabble rousers or guys who just sorta like to let it all hang out.   Perhaps I am wrong, but I think some of these guys are banned from some other sites.   I am not saying that makes them bad.   I am just saying there are guys who really don't respect people or give any thought to the feelings of others.   I think for a lot of these guys they have such low self esteem that they try to make themselves feel good by making someone else feel bad.   You will find a lot of posts,  even some from today saying that this is what they want.  They want a wide open unmoderated site where they are free to belittle people and critisize them and put them down.

Personally I like this site.  There are other sites along these lines and I rarely visit them.   I hope it does well.

I think over the next 6 months or a year, this site will have an identity.  What I am saying by that is that one of those three groups will win out and drive out the other two.   Either this will be the new branch of Anti-Date, or it will be a place where people with an interest in meeting and marrying Russian gals pool thier efforts to help one another in their quest for happiness, or it will be a place where people meet to pound their chests and put down anyone is nieve enought to wonder their way.  

I don't know which one will win.  I really believe there will be a winner and two loosers and time will tell if I am right.  I think I know what Dan's vision is for this site.   It will be interesting to see what the future holds.


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