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This has been the subject of several flamefest topics, and I would like to gather some feedback from the general members of RWD as to their wishes.

I will say that my vision of RWD was that it was to be as inclusive as possible and would be open and receptive to ANYONE who had an interest in posting here and making a positive contribution.

Now that RWD has been reasonably active for some months, I'd like to test the pulse of the members to see how they feel about this topic.

- Dan

I voted for " Anyone with a legitimate interest in women from the FSU".  I like the no (or little) moderation of this board.  I think the "no holds" is a little bitchfest, but I guess that too serves a purpose.

I do feel bad that we lost a couple of good guys due to a pain in the butt poster.  Personally, I would have banned the pain poster as her posts are of little value, surely much less value than the two posters we lost.  I can understand a person posting the devils advacate side of an issue, but in every post?  Nah, just a pain in the arse.


I have vote 4... other limitation...

I think that these forum need no limitation from gender of geographical location...

Why ? Because, this can allow some meaning who are very interesting dissappear... by example, i think that it will be a loose if by example, MandM of Misschief dissappear... and since she is in no one of the categorie, i have choice the 4...

I belong to several other forums not even related to FSU women. There is not getting away from "bitchfests" "flaming" and other. It happens everywhere and to try to limit membership to try to limit negativity will not happen. Best to ignore it or al least lean a morsal from it and then move on.


PeeWee   (I am not new, I just changed my name and have not been around for a while...maybe 16 months or so)

tim 360:
Ideally,  open to anyone with a legitimate interest.  However,  some of the nonsense posters should be reigned-in and limited if they post too much garbage to wade through. Tim


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