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I usually see this "white knight" syndrome with my rookie officers, they become a Police Officer so they can save the damsel in distress and save the world.  Here's a little something that few people see or talk about; ie the wife that is given resources and opportunity to get out of the abusive relationship but keeps going back because "He doesn't mean it, he's under alot of pressure and really loves me". 

This falls under two separate categories;

1) It is learned behavior from their parents when they were children
2)  The woman's maternal instincts arise and she thinks she can change him because "he's not really a bad guy, you
    just need to be patient with him".

 I have almost no knowledge on Russian laws  or social pressures and I understand that Russia and alot of foreign countries are just a bit behind the United States in the domestic violence laws and they have hundreds and hundreds of years of tradition/pressure to overcome.  but I am a subject matter expert on domestic violence in the United States and with all of the resources (and "women's liberation" groups) available in the United States there is no sane reason for a woman to allow herself to be abused.

  I make sure my Officers comply with the law and I am more then willing to go the extra mile to help a person out of an abusive relationship, but she has to show that she really wants to change her life, otherwise I am going to use my resources to help someone that really wants help.

 Obviously this is a matter you feel strongly about, so here's my question to you sir; What are you doing to try and change things?  Or are you just posting various statics on this board in order to feel better about you particular situation?
As that old saying goes"you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink"

But what hell do I know, I'm just a lowly knuckle dragging civil servant for the last 13 years



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