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As Dan has stated, I am anonymous. This also means that as Moderator I will not give any advice to newbies or experienced. 

I hope not to have to use the power Dan has given me at all. It does not depend on me but on the members of RWD. As moderator I have to follow and enforce the rules all members agreed to follow. RWD is known for people who say what they think. This should remain and I will not  inhibit this. 

If you do not agree with my action, you are free to tell me in public or by PM. We are all here to educate and get educated.


I guess I am not as worried about my personal freedoms on the forum as some of the others are and so I welcome you.  My personal opinion is that there is a need for some moderation here.  I don't mind the little bit of bickering or the clash of personalities.  As a matter of fact, I rather like this being the "call it as I see it" board.  If you want sunshine blown up your azz, then there are plenty of other places to find that.  Because of this attraction, many opinionated posters have gathered here.  Again, I like it.

So, just where does moderation fit into the scheme of things here?  I think this forum needs more discipline to stay on topic.  There are way too many threads within other threads that the messages (some are good) get lost.  The best thing a moderator can do here is either to suggest a new thread on an off shoot subject or even force a new thread for the new topic.


(BTW, if some sissy boys get their dresses all up in a bunch because of the tougher tone of some of the posts here, so be it)

Ken you beat me to it.

For the longest time I have not liked the fact that their are a few on here that really mess up some good threads with their micky-mouse bull-schit post's that have nothing to do with the topic that the majority of the guys are posting about.

I hope that with this moderator, and any future moderators that may come on board, can keep these few that are so desperate to hear themselves that they comment off the wall BS that really mess up some good threads.



There is a way to keep things on track.. gracefully closing the thread when the topic peters out.

BC, but when you close the thread, then it is closed right? No more post's or comments?

Will it be possiable just to remove the threads from those who can't stay on topic?


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