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Title: bizness
Post by: krimster2 on February 22, 2020, 12:23:04 PM
a year ago I was running an old style bitcoin money laundering operation in West Moscva under the krisha of a cell of the solntsevskaya bratva...

I started out by buying their black market cash and exchanging it for bitcoin I bought on a German bitcoin exchange with funds wired from my offshore shell corporation euro account and making a small commission on each transaction that I "shared" with my patron....

once I accumulated enough cash, I’d buy a property and pay cash for it by depositing the cash I traded in a friendly Aval bank (privet Artom!)
Unlike American banks, Russian banks do not require the provenance of the cash...
especially helpful if you’re a foreigner, you will totally avoid the tax police as long as you register everything and file all paperwork....

all I did was pay for my property in cash, and since quite a lot of legitimate real estate transactions get done this way in Russia, I easily blended right in with them...

a year later you sell the property and you deposit the proceeds after paying all taxes into your Aval bank account
congratulations!  you completed step 1 and now you have clean money in a Russian bank!

step 2 you then wire the clean money back to your offshore shell company's offshore account
the proceeds of a completely legal real estate transaction

remember fellow patriots, keep the transaction in Euros so no record of this EVER reaches the USA

at the time, I had also completed with my Ukrainian partner an FPGA implementation of an optimized bitcoin mining chip that was about 60% better than anything the Chinese were shilling to the Russians...

we were able to strike a deal with an avtoritet who ran the biggest cell in the solntsevskaya network to “do bizness”

this gave us EVERYTHING we needed!!!!
moscva militsa sudi, united russia, plus access to EVERY black market business in West Moscow...

my initial angel investors were my customers who had made enormous profits from their bitcoin transactions and decided to invest some of it to create the first solntsevskaya run mining operation in the Russian far east (you have no idea how much Irkutsk sucked last year!)

our first mega-rig yielded a 10% monthly ROI based on last years bitcoin prices which are up 60+% since...

all my customers got filthy rich, and of course they paid not a kopec in tax

but that’s now an old, obsolete business model that now has a lot of issues that I’m letting go of this year
and I gots me a new gig with the voichnyye bratya, of whom I will ALWAYS remain silent..
da, even I gotta be fenya now...

but, this voice lost in the wilderness, is sending out a warning to y’all
something seriously wicked is coming your way...
and that’s all I can say about it
Title: Re: bizness
Post by: msmob on February 22, 2020, 12:47:46 PM
Welcome back, Krimster !

Don't be a tease

Title: Re: bizness
Post by: krimster2 on February 22, 2020, 12:57:34 PM
"Don't be a tease"

I don't want to have a "hunting accident" after barely escaping one 6 weeks ago that almost killed my wife...
so there's that...
and no one in the USA intel community would want to see what I have from Rus-see-ya, for fear it could cost them their career
Title: Re: bizness
Post by: ML on February 22, 2020, 01:03:01 PM
I got lost about 5 sentences in.
Guess I will just have to rely on my FSU wife supporting me.
Title: Re: bizness
Post by: krimster2 on February 22, 2020, 01:16:26 PM
"I got lost about 5 sentences in.
Guess I will just have to rely on my FSU wife supporting me."

well, if that's what you think she's doing, ok then!
my advice is to rely on no one, not even yourself...
do not have faith in ANYTHING
one day everything and everyone you love will no longer exist and neither will you
what good will your faith do then?  nichy vo! eta pravda

so yeah, one fine sunny August afternoon, you can be on the private yacht of one of the biggest organized crime figures in Moscva crusin on the river
being reassured of your golden future, being fed from a kilo jar of black caviar, butter and rye bread with 100 yr old Massandra served by young naked Russian girls

and then six months later some dewd can come outta no where and drop the hammer on ya
and a bullet fired at your head misses it by less than an inch and instead strikes your wife in the chest puncturing her right lung...
and who subsequently spends two weeks in the ICU and is now undergoing physical therapy to deal with her temporary breathing issues
and is REALLY pissed at me, even though she KNEW exactly WHO I was working for and was quite happy to spend some of the money I was making...
it was OK then!

but when you lie down with subaki
you can't complain about being bit by their fleas...

interlopers felt incorrectly that "furreners" weren't protected by moy krisha
a very costly mistake for them...
as well as for me...

but this occurrence has given me the ideal opportunity to depart this venture for a better one that will be much more "low profile"
anything bitcoin is now too crazy dangerous in Russia
anything that is visible and smells like money will attract sharks here by the droves

from now on I will be the man behind the curtain, instead of in front of it
and I am going to kick some Russki jhoppa and make truck loads of freakin money!
no one will ever be able to see the man behind the curtain they won't even look if you misdirect their attention
it's a bit like magic!
Title: Re: bizness
Post by: BillyB on February 22, 2020, 08:08:44 PM
a bullet fired at your head misses it by six inches and instead strikes your wife in the chest puncturing her right lung...

Misses your head and hits your wife in the chest? Is the photo below you and your wife?

Title: Re: bizness
Post by: krimster2 on February 22, 2020, 09:32:52 PM
we were sitting outside at at a table at the time..
the shot passed just over my shoulder and brushed against my hair
and I saw it hit my wife
it was fired from a silenced makarov pistol from about 30 feet behind me

now, I remember why I put you on "ignore"
thanks for reminding me

but to all others I say
borza te moy,

you have no idea of the depth of madness that is gripping Moscva right now...
I mean seriously MAD MAD!!!!

fer instance, there is a tiny network of “novo ludie” who dominate the darkweb drug marketplace, it is FREAKING CRAZY what is going on now!!!

gone is the traditional street corner drug distribution scenario run by a conglomerate of import shippers, distributors, money launderers and law enforcement...

in its place is the Moscva darkets online drug marketplaces that brought in roughly 30 billion US dollars last year, that’s right, 30 Billion with a “B”
in online drug sales just in freaking Moscva....

out of that 30 billion total, I know one of the players who brought in almost 500 million last year...
fer real, the guy sold 500 million dollars worth of drugs in Moscva last year!!!!
I saw it!!!!
all his sales are done on mobile phones!!!!

there’s a ton of Moscva neighborhoods that if you dress in black like a chorny plash at night
you’ll see a buncha people on their mobile phones making their deals and then picking up their zakladki in the parks....
i’m tellin ya neighborhoods lit up with dozens of phones with people makin drug deals!!!
and each year I see more and more...

the easiest to access darknet site is RAMP, it has a lot of small time dealers
but there are several darknets where access is restricted to members only, and requires a sizable deposit and background check to join
this is where the big deals all get made
and there is more than one member in the 100 million plus sales club here...

whatever the market, all crypto markets function in the same way...
just like bitcoin provides guaranteed anonymous crypto finance
the drug darknet provides guaranteed anonymous drug purchases from wholesale to retail level...
depending on the individual markets that you have access to

this has created not only some incredibly rich people, it has also created a new power structure in Moscva that experiences a sharp rivalry and conflict with the staricks who run the old style markets which are in steep decline...
Title: Re: bizness
Post by: Davo on February 22, 2020, 10:15:47 PM
Krim, how did you keep a cafe shooting of an American citizen quiet from the media?

I read 2 sources of Moscow / Russian news and a local southern Russia news site most days and your wife being shot and wounded by a hit man would make the headlines.