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Title: Love and FSU partners during this COVID crisis
Post by: msmob on August 03, 2020, 01:00:12 AM
Can we make this thread a sticky, please ?

This is info for those with a RU wife / g/f as of August 1st

1/ Unless they have residency in a third country they cannot fly there

2/ Russians can now fly to the UK, ( quarantine) and Turkey on normal visa regimes ... In Turkey you'll be checked, but if clear  - you can meet up

You can meet up in Tanzania, too !

If folks have info re Ukraine / Belarus, etc., can I suggest it is posted here ? (

Title: Re: Love and FSU partners during this COVID crisis
Post by: ML on August 03, 2020, 08:54:26 AM
I have a UW wife.
I tested negative for Covid as was required for a follow up medical operation I had a few weeks back.
Wife took Covid test last week as was required for University students and employees.  Results not back yet.

We are quarantined together on our property in small town USA.
Not tired of each other . . . yet.

Having regular sex; but I feel somewhat guilty about this in view of the cases of several others here.

Keeping very busy with tons of outdoor projects.
Getting much more done than in a typical summer because wifey did not go to Ukraine for a month (or at all), as was the earlier practice.
We are watching another Great Courses lecture series on the History of Russia from Peter the Great to Gorbachev.
Title: Re: Love and FSU partners during this COVID crisis
Post by: krimster2 on August 03, 2020, 09:43:51 AM

even this year, Iíve made a TON of money in Russia, most of it bitcoin
so I donít even have to worry about repatriation...

so Iím kinda surprised a smart fella like yurself, and I sincerely believe you ARE a smart fella
hasnít figured out a good way to make money in Russia
and just ďgone and done itĒ

then you can be like me and get Permanent Residency and a Work Permit and INN number
and when I come to Domodedovo I am allowed to leave and drive straight to my house which is a 20 minute drive from the airport!

also, there are a LOT of charter air companies in Moscva, google them...
they will fly you to Moscow on their charter, from the USA the price was $5000, donít know about the UK, they will handle everything but the quarantine for you....
all you need is a Moscva address somewhere....
no, you canít use mine!!!  I will be there myself at the end of next month in full quarantine for 2 weeks before I am allowed to do anything else, I will watch a lot of BBC and Russian MTV for sure...
and then "Holy Crap" I am getting a Covid-19 vaccine with my 2 daughters
and then I have to go into FREAKING QUARANTINE again!!!
by the time I'm done with quarantine, it's gonna be starting to get cold already...
then I have to get ready to meet my future in-laws

"Peter the Great to Gorbachev" didn't they later change their name to "The Leningrad Cowboys"?

Title: Re: Love and FSU partners during this COVID crisis
Post by: msmob on August 03, 2020, 09:55:36 AM
My bad for not making this clear...

This thread is for those with a FSU lady on her FSU nation and you in another.

Normal visa regs are NOT  applying at the mo.
Title: Re: Love and FSU partners during this COVID crisis
Post by: krimster2 on August 03, 2020, 10:02:57 AM
there's what 2-3 of you in this "club"...

I like my club better!
I have 5 women who wait on me "hand and foot" at the moment...
I live the life of a country squire on his estate in the country...
it's paradise...
Title: Re: Love and FSU partners during this COVID crisis
Post by: Boethius on August 03, 2020, 02:14:33 PM
Ukraine's borders are open to foreigners.  The foreigner must provide proof of medical insurance.  In some cases, they may be required to go for a COVID test.

Ukrainians are crossing the border to Russia now.  Those going long term must submit to a COVID test.

This post was composed without the aid of google.
Title: Re: Love and FSU partners during this COVID crisis
Post by: krimster2 on August 03, 2020, 02:40:53 PM
the mask rule in Russia was lifted couple of weeks ago...
there is now free, open travel EVERYWHERE in Russia...even to Crimea...
yet at the same time, all the local hospitals are nearly full....

in two more months, front line medical personnel and teachers will begin receiving their FREE covid-19 vaccine, thanks to Putin!!!
how are you poor Americans managing with YOUR PRESIDENT?
we just voted to pretty much make Putin President for life...
will you do that with your President as well, I wonder?

so you can imagine, what other laurels, our nashi president might receive
if for humanity's sake, he is forced to take "aktion" to "SAVE UKRAINE FROM FASCISM"
and then reopen the Northern Crimean Canal...
the video narrative of the flood gates opening, and the water slowly pouring into parched fields tilled by tired, hungry looking farmers
pretty much just says it all
Eisenstein coulda filmed that without a single slovo...

when the Russian troops come into Odessa
I won't be far behind
imagine the fresh deals to be made with the new Russian property court
take all my one day in the future, worthless US dollars here and dispose of them ASAP

in 2 more years, it will be possible to buy a Ukrainian castle, a literal freaking castle, near the coast of the Chorny Moira, in a "friendly" Russian court, after I buy the court a few presents
for roughly 2 million USD.....
and have enough land attached for a decent sized working farm
quick drive to the sea or Odessa, a literal freakin castle with an attached farm
a great place for my future grandchildren to spend the summer!

PS, "it's" coming NEXT YEAR
after, North Stream Dva is making Euros

it won't EVEN matter anymore, Trump V Biden
the covid-19 wind will be at Russia's back and America's front next year
America will not go to war over Eastern Ukraine aka Novo Russiya in those kinda winds
and the war part will be over with faster than the USA can think up or even apply new sanctions...
fait accompli...
waitin on the completion of the last of 4 pipelines to completely bypass Ukraine
depriving Ukraine of any leverage or gas transfer revenue or even gas theft!!
then time to deprive them of some more land, horrosho?
slovo, moy brat, moy bratnoy brat

Title: Re: Love and FSU partners during this COVID crisis
Post by: SteveInBoston on August 03, 2020, 08:44:37 PM
T had her visa medical exam today in Kyiv.  She took an overnight train yesterday, and is now on an overnight train back to her city.

This has been the longest we've been apart.  The plan was for her to try to get a tourist visa to visit here this summer, or if that failed, then for me to visit.  But Covid happened.

The bright side is that the spouse visa process went by very quick.  We will be together soon, and we're already talking about the next trip.))

My dogs help a lot actually.  I think I would have gone bonkers long since.  We chat everyday, as usual, and the communication is still as fresh as day one.  We talk on voice about once a week, and she always sound excited to talk to me (I don't know how she does it - she makes me feel like I'm the most important person in the world). 

It also helps a bit that we keep ourselves busy.

I installed a second washing machine at the house, a front loader (LG).  I use the top loader for the dog's blankets and towels.  There is always too much hair afterwards - I hated rinsing the machine twice or three times to do a normal load of clothes.  I just need to do one last thing - change the PVC drain pipe from 1.5 inch to 2 inch to accommodate both drain lines.  Currently I use one washing machine at a time, but I know one day I will forget to swap the drain hose...

T got a larger apartment to host her other nephew and her sister.  They moved in a few months ago, but her sister moved back out to a different city to work and get her life sorted (she broke up from her long time boyfriend).  Now T watches over both nephews.   She got the older nephew a part time summer job working at her friend's beach-side kiosk as a line cook for shashlik and kabobs.  She is taking the younger nephew to physical therapy several times a week to treat an orthopedic issue he's had since he was young.  She also enrolled both in private English lessons. And she took up gardening.

That is about it.
Title: Re: Love and FSU partners during this COVID crisis
Post by: msmob on September 17, 2020, 10:33:54 AM
Having first applied for a French Schengen for SC in early June ( we paused the application as her passport expired in Nov ) SC got a txt message to inform her that her passport ( new 10 year one) is on its way back from the French Consulate in Moscow

Now, Pat will know that I fired a shot across their bows and reported the delays and questions we had to the French Govt ombudsman

Will SC get a passport back and a refusal...? in which case, I'll be going to war with the French ....


A three month Visa .... the max they are handing out ..... other than for students and those with work permits

I let them have both barrels on Tuesday ... 

Normally, I know my stuff ...  Did I go too far ?!...    By the time she gets the visa ( if she's got it )  France may be closed ((

At any other time, we'd just open the visa in another EU state .... but not sure if that'll work

Title: Re: Love and FSU partners during this COVID crisis
Post by: msmob on September 21, 2020, 03:24:23 AM
SC just called...

"DHL are at home..told him I am on the beach...The courier wants to come to the beach to deliver ! "...

So, I tell her to, "end the call, don't miss him "..

Minutes later..

SC calls with the unopened DHL envelope in her hand..

This vid shows the opening of the DHL envelope, then a cardboard one, then finally the passport ...

'Only' took 4 months