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Countries for RW Visit
Title: What countries can a RW/UW visit without a visa?
Post by: jb on June 18, 2006, 08:53:42 AM
Most often we see this question from someone who is both new to the game, and leery of the going behind the *Iron Curtain*, old fears and prejudices die hard.

Delta Airlines Visa Website

The Delta Airlines link is an invaluable tool for answers when shopping for a special vacation spot outside the FSU.

When shopping for visas and visa free countries to visit, one must also understand the concept of reciprocity as practiced by Nation States WRT visas and visa costs. For example, while it costs a Ukrainian national $10.00 for a visa to enter Turkey, it will cost the AM who accompanies her $20.00 for the same visa at the airport. That's because the USA charges a Turk $20.00 for a US visa, and they reciprocate by charging a similar amount. Same thing applies to Russian visas, the US charges a Russian $100.00 for a visa, so the RU charges an American the same amount. Almost all visa questions can be answered by visiting the diplomatic website of the country you are interested in visiting.

Before deciding to travel to a distant vacation place with your RW/UW it's a good idea to check it out for Travel Warnings, as listed by:
This site is updated with some regularity. Most of the places which are listed here are Islamic in nature and sometimes can be hazardous to your health. I can think of nothing that would spoil a vacation faster than a terrorist attack followed by a beheading.

Another valuable website for the traveler is:
This site will give the American traveler a lot of valuable background information regarding the how much and how long questions.

The botton line is that there are very few places a Russian or Ukrainian can visit visa free, or visa easy. Virtually all of those countries where they can easily go are classified as *Developing* or as *Moderately Developed* countries. In other words, unless you are prepared to do these trips exclusively to resort type places, you are probably not going to be any better off than you would be if you visited the woman's home country. Both Russia and Ukraine are fabulous countries to vacation in with much to see and do

For what it's worth.

Title: Re: What countries can a RW/UW visit without a visa?
Post by: 55North on July 02, 2006, 08:19:10 PM
Bear in mind, however, that the woman might already be a seasoned tourist to, say, Turkey or Egypt. I'm just back today from a fortnight in UA which included a week in a Turkish resort, all-in for 2 @ $250! It did wonders for the development of our relationship as both of us were 'away from home, in the sun'. Together, uninterrupted 24/7. Priceless. (as long as you don't mind being based in a 'Russian' resort).

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