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Author Topic: Trials & Tribulations Rules  (Read 5282 times)

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Trials & Tribulations Rules
« on: October 07, 2010, 10:51:10 AM »
This is a new process for us at RWD, hence, there may be some evolution of the process as we move forward.

Objective: Provide parties with a disagreement the opportunity to 'air' their disagreement in a structured format designed to bring 'closure' to the issue.

Format: Similar to the US Court System, there are Defendants (the one accused of wrongdoing), Plaintiffs (the aggrieved party bringing the action), and a Judge (to stimulate the parties to action, set deadlines, decide if 'evidence' is appropriate for presentation, AND in some instances, to issue "Summary Judgment".)

The choice of Judge will be an RWD member who pledges to be equitable to both/all parties.


Plaintiff is to prepare a single post that will constitute their "Opening".

Defendent will respond with their singular "Reply"

"Opening" and "Reply" must be succinct and to the point. Any participant presenting a 'wall of words' will be told to re-write it before proceeding.

At that point, it is GAME ON.

Each party may respond to the other, HOWEVER, the 'Rule of 5' applies. That is, a coherent argument MUST be made in 5 (or fewer) posts. This does NOT include the Opening/Reply. When those 5 posts have been exhausted (or fewer, if the party so states), it is time for Closing Arguments. Plaintiff goes first, and the final post will be the Closing by Defendant.

Judge may make rulings, through PM's to both parties (NOT in the open forum) about evidence requests of the parties. If, in the opinion of the Judge, there is desired evidence to be presented that might be intrusive or involve others, the Judge may elect to disallow part, or all, of the desired evidence.

There is no witness testimony allowed.

There is no insulting, disparaging, humiliating, or derogatory language allowed. Stick to the facts, and ONLY the facts.

If one party refuses to participate, or refuses to continue, the Judge, in counsel with RWD Staff, will determine if they are to issue a "Summary Judgment" in favor of one party. In so doing, their decision will clearly articulate the basis for their decision, and it will be final.

On conclusion of presentation of both sides of the issue, the topic will be locked, and a NEW topic opened in the RWD T & T Jury Forum with a poll available to all members of RWD for voting. Vote is to address which party presented the more persuasive argument.

For now, at least, the voting (jury) pool will be RWD members and all results will remain here at RWD for viewing and reference.

Other Considerations:

Participants will be temporarily 'flagged' with "Plaintiff" and "Defendant" in their visible profiles during the course of the 'trial.' If the dispute being heard spills over into other RWD forums, the Judge will determine if the Defendant and Plaintiff should be 'locked' into the T & T forum until the trial is concluded.

Only the "Plaintiff," "Defendant," "Judge" and RWD Staff will be able to post in the RWD Trials and Tribulations forum.

The RWD Trials & Tribulations forum and accompanying Jury forum are visible to members and guests of RWD.


All parties to the process explicitly acknowledge it is voluntary. Further, they explicitly acknowledge that this is a process designed to provide resolution to contentious issues, and that is NOT a court of law, and has no enforcement authority of any kind. All parties explicitly agree that RWD and all members are held harmless from any consequences of their voluntary participation in this conflict resolution process.
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