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Author Topic: Know where she lives,  (Read 4103 times)

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Know where she lives,
« on: January 25, 2005, 06:01:17 AM »

   Several times I got the word from men, already in Moscow, that wanted to visit

just one of his women he was writing to. But could not find any way to travel to her by train or bus. Yes, that is how far in the back country she lives. Another ask "where is Baku?", Only to find out it's not in Russia or Ukraine. She lives in an area. Find out where and find out what you'll have to do to visit her. Once you know where you headed, hopefully this discussion board can help you get to her. The former USSR was very big and Russia was the biggest. Distance should not stop you from falling in love. But love should not blind you from the difficult travel you will have to go threw to see this love interest. Information from her is good as well. She'll know how to get around in her area and for sure can find some of the details needed for your trip. So belive me, the train or bus ride maybe longer than you think. Been there, done that.

Good Luck,


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Know where she lives,
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2005, 06:26:52 AM »
I think that these thema will be no problem for American man... i have know one who ride one full day for go fishing !!!

But for European, with our very little country, 100 km is a lot... and i was enough crazy the first time for use bus from Belgium to Moscow... almost 4 day... and from Varsovie, with russian bus ( same of our bus but from the year 60... and maybe so old )...

But since in Moscow, no more problem... for the 800 kilometer to Lipetsk, i have use night train, very cheap, own cabine, breakfast, toilet... and for more far city, you have the interne plane compagny... and for some isolated litlle town, helicopter...

All of this is not a problem if your girlfriend take care of this for you... but if you need make it yourself, it is very difficult because you can ready nothing before... be in Russia.

And take care of the period of your visit... for siberia you cannot reach some little town in the winter...

If you have enough money, maybe you can take the trans-siberian train... You will be treat like a Tsar... but the bill is very high... 

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Know where she lives,
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2005, 11:16:58 AM »
I think if you are going to meet some ladies it's always good to know a little history about the city she lives in. Even if she lives in Novosibirsk and comes to meet you in Moscow, learn some history on Novosibirsk and when you can talk a little about the history of her city during your meeting they are usually quite surprised (pleasantly I might add).


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