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Author Topic: Being a gentleman or a chump?  (Read 24642 times)

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Re: Being a gentleman or a chump?
« Reply #300 on: June 10, 2019, 11:16:59 AM »

FWIW, your state reminded me of another long time member who experienced much the same as you with yours. His handle is GregfromGA. That also involved the gal changing, involved his MIL, two kids..he went from feeling 'lucky' to the complete opposite towards his ex, and this adventure...some of the similarities in your stories seem pretty eery.

You can read some of his posts in the recent past when he dealt with his break-up. Like you, he now says he won't recommend this venture to anyone, much less do it himself.

Greg and I grew up about 20 miles from each other and a few years apart. I actually worked with his father in a factory for a few years while I was in high school. He's bitter and from what he's been through he probably has a right to be. But, he like many others that have had marriages go down the shitter really couldn't be accused of doing any due diligence. They follow the little head rather than the big one, fail to learn and know the women and ignore the flags either high flying and waving or the little subtle clues. Greg told me he saw his soon to be wife in a train station and declared that's the woman he's going to marry and had yet to meet her. All too often many of these guys fall in love with a website profile, fly across the world and visit but never know or even take the time to know who they've fallen in love with.

There are no short cuts. I was diligent but I was also lucky. It takes a lot of both IMO. At the end of the day all rules to "Boy meets Girl" still applies. So many who have made to trip and found a wife seem to avoid that little factoid.

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Re: Being a gentleman or a chump?
« Reply #301 on: June 11, 2019, 08:58:56 PM »
I really hope the prudes don’t get triggered but every Russian/Ukrainian woman I gave oral pleasure to
became my freaking slave EVERY freaking one including my wife literally would do whatever I wanted them to do without any ‘guff' as long as I waxed the beaver.

I haven't found this to be the case at all.

In general, in fact, you can give the woman oral and any/all other techniques to help her achieve dozens of orgasms . . . and it all will be forgotten in 10 minutes.

They just don't appreciate it like a man would.

If I achieved 3 orgasms, let alone 30,  within a couple of hours I would be floating around in a daze with a huge grin for hours or maybe days and would agree to most anything.

With a woman, it means virtually nothing; they can start bitching about something within the hour.
Winston Churchill.  “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”


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