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Author Topic: how do you roll in Russia?  (Read 138 times)

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Online krimster2

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how do you roll in Russia?
« on: September 21, 2019, 10:14:02 PM »
so what are you guys driving in Russia?
any of you gotten a Russian driver's license?

here's my first car in Russia!
a 1.5 liter Lada...
previous owner did a lot of mechanical mods, and it included 100s of spare parts...
I bought it from a guy at the other end of the village where I built the "Rancho Del Krimster"

main house of Rancho Del Krimster shown under construction and curious 18 yr old local village girl girl (who used to tease the hell out of me by swimming naked in my pool)...
and then a pic of when house facade was completed.
and finally a pic of the front of the whole compound when it was about 2/3 complete and before the wind generator was installed

the Rancho Del Krimster was composed of 3 adjacent dachas merged together into one Mega-Dacha!
with in-ground concrete pool, it's own water pump, orchards, vinyard, garage, work area, and barns for animals and 2.5 KW wind turbine and 2,000 liter water tank

before I registered the Lada, I only drove on the dirt "farm road" that bordered my property...
the road headed towards the mountains and then branched out into different directions...
we'd take our German Shepherd "Greta" and my kids and I would explore all the weird ruins in the mountains...
and fill the trunk with firewood we'd collect along the way for the evening bonfire

there was a place called "Chufut" which meant "Jew's Fort" that was a strange eerie place when we were all alone there
the whole time we were there Greta had her ears in the alert position and would always stick close to my kids...
place just had a weird vibe...
but there were a lotta places in Crimea like that...

OK, so what do you guys drive over there, what kind of houses, apartments, etc have you worked on?
show me yours and I'll show you mine...

chickens, by the way, are free ranging at the Rancho Del Krimster
and if you eat outside on the patio, they will come to the table and demand to be given scraps...
fair dinkum...
the best thing to do is throw them something some distance away once in a while to keep them away from your table

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Online msmob

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Re: how do you roll in Russia?
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2019, 12:04:27 AM »

Do you still own your place in Crimea?

We roll in an 'European Apt' Sochi...the '2nd capital' of Russia...So named as the 'govt' spends so much time there)

7 mins walk from the beach in one of the many valleys that run to the see.

I do not WANT a RU driving licence or residency.. 

When driving the car registered in SC's name and I get stopped the Police know they can try, but scaring me into a bribe will not work..
They cannot 'take my licence' which is their normal opening gambit....

Driving in Russia proves that corruption is rife ((

Want to cross Russia without being hassled? Drive  in a foreign registered car.

You might get waved down, but the moment by UK number plate is spotted ( you get waved on) ..

No to Brexit, Yes to a People's Vote on Brexit, THEN a General Election

Online krimster2

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Re: how do you roll in Russia?
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2019, 08:47:46 AM »
no, my wife recently transferred ownership to her sister as a gift...
we rarely go to Crimea now and usually just for a short trip...

I'm in the process of buying a "fixer upper" in SE Moscva....
so I get to repeat the joys of remontirovat

after I have a garage, I'll buy a car...

I should have my Russian Residency this week in the mail!!!

yeah, I know about the "militsa" thang...
when that happened to me I made a phonecall, handed it to the cop and said "slushat"
later, he and his partner looked at me with an embarrassed look and walked away

I wouldn't be in Russia, without having numbers to call...

Rancho Del Krimster wasn't my only construction project in Krim
many apartments and one office building are included in the list
when I was flipping apartments many years ago, I met the owner of Consol, the largest developer in Crimea
and is the mafia guy known as "goblin" who took over the Crimean Parliament
and is now PM of Krim!!!

because Rancho Del Krimster was too remote to have a good school
we also needed to have a home in Sevastopol
here's a pic of the living room of my apartment there
it was located next to Chersonnese, here's a pic of the apartment in the distance
and the outer defensive wall in the foreground...

children attended the elitny school downtown that was meant for the children of Russian military officers...

in the summer, my wife would walk with one kid and a horse
and I'd walk with the other down the path along the black sea (if they kept their rooms neat!)

my wife and I intend to live part time in Moscva (mainly summers) on a permanent basis starting next year...
will have pics when everything is finished in the new house...

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