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Author Topic: Hello😊  (Read 4928 times)

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Re: Hello😊
« Reply #125 on: March 07, 2020, 11:38:51 AM »

While I can understand and even respect your POV above, I do not agree for the following, very simple, reason...
I refuse to engage in deep, personal level, much less emotional level with anyone I have not met in person. Thus, there will be NO morality involved in a totally platonic acquaintance. I won't engage in hours of communicating before we meet. It's utterly useless to me.

Whatever correspondence we share during this time will strictly be in a friendly manner. We are still strangers and until we meet in person, look at each other, talk face to face, watch one another - and more importantly 'feel' what it's like to be this close to each other in person - we would have no idea what meeting will make us feel about each other. I never cater to any women to spite myself ( I'm not a 'pussywhip' and never will be). Women are my equal as you have as much right to a decision as I do.

There will be plenty of time and opportunity after we meet to get deeper into better understanding each other. By then, both of us would be in the same state 'emotionally' and we'd be in better frame of mind to make that life altering decision.

..and THAT, is exactly what I mean!

edit: In case you missed the other question from my last post, please read and feel free to give me your opinion about it.

Well .... I try to answer honestly. But this is my personal opinion, and each woman has her own vision of the situation.

Of course, like any woman, I want to be the only one! But despite the fact that deep down in my soul I still believe in love - I am a realist. I perfectly understand that almost every man has backup options.

Of course this is not very nice for me. But ... if I am looking for a man from another country - I must be ready for this. And I will be really happy if the man who is nice to me to meet with me.

And I do not care who he met before me - because the main thing is that he is now with me!  And I will do everything so that after meeting with me he does not want to look for another woman. I know that I have a desire to love and give my man my love and tenderness.
In Russia there is a saying - from good they do not seek good. I am ready to give all of myself - and I hope that my man will appreciate it.

It's my opinion. Someone will not agree with this ...
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Re: Hello😊
« Reply #126 on: March 07, 2020, 12:16:01 PM »
Very honest response. Thanks.

I will then submit the fact there may actually be merit in this particular advice based on your response. But  one that will never ever come from me.
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Re: Hello😊
« Reply #127 on: March 07, 2020, 03:14:25 PM »
Coaches teach girls not to delete a profile from a dating site until there is a ring on your finger. Only when a man makes an offer and gives a ring - you need to delete the profile.

Interesting, you mean marriage? As I guess the guy could either give you an engagement ring or as is customary in your country, roses by way of proposal.

I would agree not to take down profile until such a time or at least until both sides mutually agree. I take it that in your country your either in a union together or are free to choose even if in a long term relationship with a man, while with the man?

I can see that you might miss out on a guy that is great for you if you take down your profile before a solid union together. However, I would not communicate with another guy while you are meeting the guy or arranged a meeting or it could look deceitful, unless of course you tell the person you are meeting up front.

I would say though that the thing with visiting just one person at a time is that it is more time consuming and the odds are generally not as good as meeting with many. The meet many of course can only happen if you can meet many guys hence why I went into possibilities of moving to EU countries to meet more western men. I think with the exception of women that are model looking few women would be able to get many men to meet in Russia, Ukraine, etc, getting just one to meet may be a task.

The only other way you may have of meeting other guys is to go to one of the  AFA (A Foreign Affair/Love tours or similar. There you can meet many foreign men but will also have a lot of competition from many women.

I did the whole visit one lady and while it is fine to start of with to get used to the whole scene the odds are not great. Within seconds to a few minutes both sides can usually tell if there is natural attraction. Fine if you are both happy enough with each other and want to make a go of it, but otherwise it's start over again. Myself for one I am not into getting into the whole repetitive cycle of 'how's your cat, what colour is she....' stuff time and again, far better to avoid all of that and meet many on an acquaintance basis I think.

I was going to make another attempt myself in April but all this stuff with the virus well I'm not sure if it will be a goer or not.
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Re: Hello😊
« Reply #128 on: March 08, 2020, 03:14:20 AM »
ANY post from Trenchcoat re dating / meeting women should come with a public health warning ..

Trench your 'ability' to recommend VO v VM is worthless .. You cannot handle how to behave in the company of a women, period ...  :wallbash:

Remind us how many trips you've been on and how many FSUW you've actually dated to post your 'conclusions' .....?

'Thank you'

We'll be back, EU ..and as a certain 'gentleman' couldn't accept my offer to 'bury the hatchet' .. Don't trust a clueless Californian 'business owner' who cannot even quote me, honestly ..


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