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Author Topic: Kiev Agencies for Visa  (Read 7646 times)

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Re: Kiev Agencies for Visa
« Reply #75 on: March 06, 2019, 06:27:30 AM »
the evaluation of her police report is based on arrests and not convictions and NOT whatever "spin" she creates about it
HIGHLY unusual for a UW to have two "incidents" on her report or even one
this is a BIG red flag
entirely possible she won't be approved, to be certain I'd have to see EXACTLY what's on the report AND NOT HER SPIN
(this is something you'd be advised to do, get the report, translate it and evaluate it for yourself)
BTW, knowing absolutely ZERO about her, I can EASILY poke holes in her story
but of course, you're positive she's not lying, right?
if she applies and is turned down, that's the end for her coming to the USA

if you really want to proceed with this, then check with this woman to see if she has a "militsa" or SBU connection
if not then you have to have a hire a "connected" private investigator to be the middleman to bribe one or the other to give you a clean report
when I lived in Ukraine over 10 yr ago, I had an SBU connection from whom I could buy anyone's "full jacket" which has EVERYTHING for $50
the first one I bought was my own to see what the Ukrainian government knew about me, I was very surprised about the details
I used this to screen employees and business partners
essential for doing business in Ukraine
just from what you disclosed here, if I were evaluating her for employment at my past company in Ukraine
I would have turned her down
think about what I'm telling you...

« Last Edit: March 06, 2019, 06:29:05 AM by krimster2 »
вы думаете, что любой из этих людей, даже российских, подозревает, что я русский?

вот как я могу создать американскую личность
Я могу взять напрокат


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