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Author Topic: An American Pedophile Working Undetected as a Teacher in Russia  (Read 2372 times)

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please do not reply here unless you are from a Russian law enforcement agency
so far Moscow PD has not responded to my emails
so I'll conduct the correspondence here instead


The purpose of this post is mainly to get his name indexed on google, because I see Kevin is working VERY hard to see that all links to him are removed
and about 3/4 are already gone!

I would like to pass a tip to Russian law enforcement that a convicted pedophile, a US citizen with multiple criminal sexual offense convictions is teaching English at Lomonosov Moscow State University (and he also does private tutoring) and teaches younger children elsewhere.

is the same Kevin R Query who was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for sexual battery and exploitation of his 12 year old daughter here (plus other convictions)
click on the   "Show Page 17 article text (OCR)" link in the mid left of the page to receive the text from the newspaper article

I also know that he was kicked out of Ukraine over 12 years ago for this issue with a 13 year old girl (and I can produce witnesses and even a link to this)
and as a result this is why he is in Russia (AND CAN'T EVER GO BACK TO UKRAINE!!!!)
in the USA, he is NOT allowed ANY contact with children, and is not allowed within 500 feet of ANY school

and last week on another blog, I received a tip from a victim in Moscow, that he is still doing this
but the whole thread has been taken down

he has also been able to hide himself by “opting out” of internet searches
and by making legal threats (including more than one directed at me)
about 3/4 of the links to him have been actively removed
so it is hard for someone in Russia to understand who he is

but I know this man, I’ve met him in Ukraine, and I know he is an EXTREME danger to young people
and I know that he is THE most clever, most sophisticated, most manipulative sexual predator of young teens that there could ever be

look what happened to his poor son
I can't believe the amount of suffering he has caused EVERYONE in his family (and of COURSE he blames them if they ever dare to criticize him, they're SO unfair to him)

I have written many, many emails to Police and places where he is employed
but no real response

I am hoping the person reading this will care about children
and protect them

and failing that, maybe a parent in Russia will feel something "creepy" about him the way I did
and type his name into google and this post will come up

I know you'll read this Kevin!!!
because you have to search for posts like this EVERY DAY so you can try and have them taken down
I'm not afraid AT ALL, come at me or my family yourself or send your buddy "Oscar" who just contacted me (or are YOU Oscar, like last time?)
I know the best defense against you is an offense
so I will try my best to see you in a Moscow prison in the next 30 days
and failing that, then I'm going to try and get your passport revoked
docs already being prepared

after the Oscar email I sent a version of this letter to every available email address at every place you teach
have an interesting day tomorrow!

first time you contact me again, I will that day file a restraining order against you
and MY LAWYER and I WILL get your passport revoked (already working on the docs)
do you have one of the new "Registered Sex Offender" passports? (mind blown that there is such a thing!)

why? you may ask am I STILL at this after all these years Kevin?
the answer is not "why" but WHO
your son and daughter and all the other victims
I saved that girl in Ukraine but it's not enough because my tip said there's more like her in Moscow
I would've left you alone if it weren't for your son and if you weren't a damn teacher

if the tip I got about you last week is right Kevin (and they had a LOT to say about you)
then you better stop IMMEDIATELY
I'd even quit your teaching jobs if I were you
because as of today, if you touch another kid in Moscow
then you KNOW what will become of you

don't bother with the sales pitch about how it was your wife's fault, etc, misunderstanding, etc
FSB won't even care, not one bit
can you guess what will happen to an AMERICAN PEDOPHILE in a Russian prison?
I hope they get you before you can flee

now I'm pissed off Kevin, really, really, really pissed off
I am going to write every person in Russia if I have to, post on every Russian blog if I have to
EVERY DAY if I have to
until one day, you get a knock on the door...

you got complacent about your life in Moscow Kevin
you slipped up a little, made a few mistakes I see
maybe it'll be the email that I just sent
that will be the one to lead the police to your door
or maybe it'll be one from tomorrow's batch
or the next day
but just a matter of time
before you notice people avoiding you
and whispering about you
before the knock comes in the middle of the night
it's just a matter of time....
ohhhh, I just got an email from your school
I wonder what it says?

NO TROLLS, let google index do its job

Kevin is a MASTER manipulator who nearly avoided conviction over a legal technicality by manipulating the judge!!
and used that as a basis for his appeal, which thankfully failed
he has NO REMORSE for his actions
he is the most dangerous human being I have ever met in my life
a predator in the truest sense of the word

please Russia, either check out the Russian victim stories (I will help!)
or just deport him for lying on his visa about his past criminal convictions
at least here in the USA, if he even talks to a child he goes straight to jail!!!!!

he knows how to groom children!
he knows how to deceive parents!
DO NOT underestimate him!
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