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Author Topic: life in the time of the plague  (Read 394 times)

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life in the time of the plague
« on: February 25, 2020, 09:19:25 PM »
life in the time of the plague...

I canít remember clearly EXACTLY what year it was,
it was either 2005 or 2006...
I had just moved with my wife and two daughters to Sevastopol a couple of years before...
I was dealing in real estate and running two separate computer engineering firms
AND having a hell of a lot of fun living there!

It came suddenly and spread rapidly...
H1N1, bird flue...
it hit the north of Crimea first, a poultry farm in Kerch,
and two weeks later 1 out of every 4 state run poultry farms in Crimea had infected birds
the full width and length of Crimea...

the people didnít even know what has happening
until the first human cases started occurring
which was between robotnicks at the poultry farms and the infected birds
and they were passing it on to their families and their kids would take it to their schools...

so the government in Kyiv issued an order that all poultry in Crimea had to be destroyed
and when they told the people this
it spread MASS PANIC!!!!

it was crazy town!!!!
then one winter morning I went for my morning run on my path around the beach next to my apartment over looking the Black Sea
I started having a weird uncomfortable feeling when I got about 100 meters from the shore
I noticed that I didnít hear any seagulls
net chaika...
eto ne klassna!!!
then as I looked over the cliff into the Chorny Moira
I saw their bodies
hundreds of them
hundreds of dead sea gulls washed up on the beach and some floating dead in the waves

that night, my youngest daughter started coughing and had a high temperature....
I took my daughter to the hospital and told my wife to take our other daughter and move out of our apartment
and into our mega dacha about 15 miles away
we had months and months of food there

in the end, my daughter just had a really bad cold and was alright
and we all lived
through that plague
that time

the photo is of the neighborhood night watchmen at the Rancho Del Krimster, also known as geese in front of one of the out buildings next to the main house shown here under construction
an added bonus with the 18 year old daughter of one of my neighbors
to be a good neighbor, I was always happy to let her swim in the swimming pool surrounded by Apricot and Cherry trees
you think my life wasn't a sweet one there?
you have NO IDEA!
because Masha only came over when she saw my wife and two daughters leave....

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Re: life in the time of the plague
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2020, 10:09:00 PM »
Fever and coughing are early symptoms of COVID-19.  The problem is these are frequent symptoms of the ubiquitous common flu.   

The COVID-19 cough is dry.   Shortness of breath is key and is symptomatic of the worse cases. The body's immune system reacts with inflammation of the lungs,  creating respiratory problems in about 20% of the cases.   As the virus enters the lungs it can kill cells, eventually progressing to the death of the infected patient in about 2% of the cases.   

I am not prepared for the day when my wife or her children develop similar symptoms.  She will react quickly and emotionally, assuming the worse.   

BTW, we have an existing thread on COVID-19. 

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Re: life in the time of the plague
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2020, 10:18:24 PM »
I just spoke to my daughters today, if the case count ever gets above 400 in the USA, they are to both come home immediately
if it gets to that number then we are planning on moving back into our old house north of Houston, because the upstairs has a separate small kitchen and stairs down to the back
if it reaches mega pandemic scale, I will be the only person to have contact with outside humans and I minimize my contact with my family and live solely on the first floor
and sterilize all supplies I give them

I have to fill my garden shed with propane cylinders now!
because hell this is Texas, and no matter what happens, we just all go out and buy ourselves some propane!
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Re: life in the time of the plague
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2020, 05:54:51 PM »
Putin is luring the oligarchs back to Russia
and forcing them to come back with all their money...
itís a trap!!

heís trying to get some tekno foreigners like me to join them...
to help invest in and manage some high risk/high stakes Government projects in the semiconductor industry

nah-uh, I can see the setup a mile off folks!
Putin is gonna take all yur money and then close off the border to you...
and yur kids are gonna end up being hostages
and you work your ass off for him, night and day and night...

really, I only got one way outta that deal
and thatís when the Sinaloa Cartel moves into Costa Rica to be their main bridge to the Moscva Dark Net
you see, the Dark Net can be for sellers as well as buyers...

Russians are willing to vaccinate me and my kids if I pay them!!!!
Russian virologists found a weakened strain of the virus thatís killing so many in Moscva
the outside of the weakened virus they discovered, has identical sticky receptors, exactly the same as the main lethal one...
this strain reproduces very slowly and your immune system can deal with it
average person feels like a cold for one week, then a bit run down the second week
after two weeks youíre sent from the first isolation ward to the 2nd floor recovery ward
which is like a hotel room and your meals are delivered to you
you stay here for 4 weeks then you have one more week at another place completely
and then youíre free to be inside the green zone and you have a badge

you wonít hear anything about this in the news for at least two more months
my daughters and I are all gonna do it together in August
we have the deluxe ďelitnyĒ rooms!!

I already spoke to the doctor regarding my age,
because I am currently running 2 miles per day on a low-impact dirt
I have excellent blood pressure/pulse...
he said heís seen over 100 Russian guys over age 50 take this with no problem
and these guys are WAY, WAY outta shape compared to me...

I have to spend a lot of time cooped up with my daughters this year, first in the bunker
in my house
then in a sanitarium in Moscva
they are REALLY bitchy whenever other women get near me
they used to ďshooĒ away girls when we used to dock in Sevastopol
they always take care of me and feed me and do whatever I tell them...
because I'm the one who pays their room service bills
and they both know the best way to say, "please Daddy"?
is to just be be silent, and "Please Daddy" by your actions and not your words...
I have trained them even better than my wife and girl friends
if they would just stop chasing away other women, I'd be totally happy with them
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